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More Than Just IT Support - African Areté is a Greek word which literally means virtue or excellence but has a deeper meaning which is "being the best you can be". The diversity that we find in Africa is an untapped strength and the company aims to maximize the strengths of diversity. We aim to achieve excellence through diversity.

African Areté has identified the need to develop technology skills in the ICT sector as an approach to support the objective of developing a globally competitive workforce in the South African workplace. This objective can be viewed as non-negotiable in terms of the successful development of the South African Economy. Our true focus is on Empowerment, Sustainability and enabling candidates to become competent in the core areas of our business that coincide with the needs of the organizations that we partner with in service provision, our suppliers and potential new partnerships.
We don't simply aim to attract intellectual capital, but to develop it. We aim to train for our own organization, but also to add to the national pool of I.T. skills. We endorse the view of national strategists that South Africa has to nurture high-tech skills or risk marginalization.

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